What is Pronti?

Pronti solves eCommerce recommendations and personalization for apparel and accessory brands. Our mission is to unlock the potential of millions of apparel brands by revolutionizing the way we understand billions of individuals and personalize for them. We believe personalization can impact fashion sustainability and enable self expression.

The Consumer App

The Pronti Consumer App is an intelligent wardrobe assistant that answers what-to-wear and what-to-buy for users.
Pronti utilizes closet data, shopping preferences, mood, choices, and interaction to learn a user’s unique style. The app gives users outfit recommendations, and shows personalized shopping suggestions paired with items they already own.
This way users can see how new items match with their closet and make conscious buying choices.


Pronti Recommends

The Pronti Recommends Sales Channel is the link between Shopify apparel & accessories stores and the Pronti Consumer App.

Pronti Recommends reads a store’s product information and showcases products in the Consumer App to targeted users.

With a few clicks, you are onboarded and ready to go! No need to select your intended audience, we take care of putting your products in front of the right customer.


The Pronti Team

We are a dedicated team obsessed with fashion personalization. We are not going to stop until we revolutionize the way we wear and buy!


Our office

Kitchener, Canada

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Suite 199, 151 Charles St W
c/o Velocity
Kitchener, ON Canada N2G 1H6


e-commerce personalization & recommendations

Retail Integrations

Pronti AI Inc. | c/o Velocity | 151 Charles St W, Suite 199 | Kitchener, ON Canada