Retail clientelling Solutions

Multichannel marketing: In-store outfit generation with a user's closet

Everyday Pronti's users are looking at outfits, saving wishlists and clicking to retail stores. Soon they will be able to walk in store with their entire closet and wishlist.

Pronti is currently working on an instore clientelling app that allows users to connect their closet with a store associate. The possibilities are endless.

If you want to get involved and shape this initiative reach out to us!

Generating outfits is a fun and engaging way to speak to your customers, inspire their purchases and increase the basket size.

Shopping in Outfits has many advantages

  1. Outfits help a user see how they will wear it.

  2. Using clothing they already own while shopping is highly personal, motiviating, and fashion sustainable.

  3. By understanding a user's style and context Pronti can help the store associate have engaging conversations.

Simple & Easy - no difficult integrations or deep training

It is as simple & easy to get started as providing a Product CSV. You can even reuse your Google Merchant Data CSV. -- it is all Pronti needs to start recommending. We have built it so that there is no requirement for intensive APIs or integrations that can take months. Talk to us if you want to integrate any of your current systems.

As for training your staff - it is as easy for the associate to learn, as showing them a new social media feed.