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Get Recommended
in the Pronti Outfit Maker Mobile App

Pronti's users love outfits and are inspired by the combinations that Pronti creates.

Through the Pronti Outfit Maker app, Pronti learns and understands a user's style and context so that when they are ready to shop, Pronti can find things that they will love. Over 1M users have downloaded the app.

If you are a retailer with a clothing and/or accessories ecommerce store, we can recommend your items in outfits with our user's clothes.

Discover new audiences, engage loyal customers and drive sales with a global audience of Shoppers in the Pronti Outfit Maker consumer app.

Pronti recommends Fashion Retailers items in a shopping experience that drives conversions. It's one part influencer marketing, one part digital advertising and all individually personalized.

Pronti is a marketing personalizations solution at scale and gives your retail items exposure and reach, and our users need your retail items.

When a Pronti user views your retail item, they can immediately visualize how they will wear it using the items they have in their closet.

It's a personal suggestion that resonates deeply.

Shopping with Pronti has many advantages

  1. Outfits help a user see how they will wear it

  2. Using clothing they already own while shopping is highly personal, motiviating, and fashion sustainable.

  3. By understanding a user's style and context Pronti can find the right items and Retailers are not lost in the ocean of choice that is online.

Simple & Easy - no difficult integrations

It is as simple & easy to get started as providing a Product CSV. You can even reuse your Google Merchant Data CSV. -- it is all Pronti needs to start recommending. No need for intensive APIs or integrations that can take months. Talk to us if you are using an existing affiliate platform (CJ, ShareASale etc.)

Pronti's users benefit and you benefit.

How does it work for the customer?

Outfit Generation

Pronti generates outfits that Kiera can scroll through. She can choose to:
1. Explore (go shopping) or
2. Plan an outfit.

Easy Uploads

She uploads her closet items easily with enhanced Machine Learning.

Over 1M users have uploaded their closets.

Shop with your Closet

Kiera experiences in-context personalized shopping. Pronti knows her occasions, closet, and style and generates outfits that contain items she already owns along with new retail items for purchase. She simply clicks on the item and is routed to the retail e-commerce site.